Rave clothing is all about showing your true essence

Rave fashion has evolved over the years. Since its early beginning, when raves were an underground movement considered illegal in some places, rave style is all about self-expression. Wearing unique and exclusive clothes shows the world your real personality. During the last decade, thanks to the rise of EDM music festivals, rave style became more and more popular. Many brands were originated to design rave clothing. Moreover, fast fashion brands like Forever 21, started to lunch festival-inspired collections before and during the festival season. Here are some of the best rave fashion brands:



In Missguided, they describe themselves as a fast fashion brand that designs for real women who live in the digital era. This brand collects many different clothing styles. One of their main values is to use ethical materials avoiding what they call modern slavery. Over the past years thanks to their promotion strategy by using social media influencers it became really well-known among young women.



Easy Tiger is a fashion brand only focused on Music Festival clothing. As they explain “is born from the love of expression through fashion”. Their design is based on “colors, sparkles and anything fabulous”.



iHeartRaves is a fast-fashion brand that designs exclusively rave clothing for music festivals. One of their main core values is the love of dance music who inspired them to share their passion every day. iHeartRaves is all about self-expression, using vibrant colors, and being creative. The high quality of their product as well as its uniqueness is what makes this rave fashion brand so special.

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Marta Gozalo
"Magical moments start with music"