Adidas new collaboration with Size? And Cream will be dropped on December 30th

Adidas as Nike or other big sportswear brands collaborate and work with the biggest artists in the world to launch new extraordinary collections. Few day ago, Adidas just launched a new incredible collection with Size? And Cream.

The collection is focused on Dance Music and Its “core inspiration comes from a vintage promotional poster from Cream, who have long been lauded as one of the leading event organizers in the dance music industry”.

The Adidas´ collection is not based on overwhelming or exaggerated colors, the color cream is the base of the collection´ s color palette. Moreover, to add dimension and character some accents of color are introduced.

The capsule collection is composed of 5 pieces in total: “a pair a pair of sneakers, a track top, track pants, a t-shirt, and a bucket hat.”

This cool collection is not the first one to have as core inspiration Dance Music. Previously in 2018, Adidas launched a collection based on British Rave Culture. Also, they have teamed up with ZHU, in 2017.

To buy any of these products the are few options. The first one is a raffle by Size? app on December 24th. Later on, on December 30th the collection will be fully available.


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