The Association for Electronic Music (AFEM) has established a music Industry code of conduct against sexual harassment and gender discrimination.

According to their official web: “The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to prevent sexual harassment and gender/gender identity discrimination within the electronic music industry and AFEM Member companies by creating an environment where such behavior is not tolerated, through awareness, education, increased respect, protection and prevention.”

AEFM addressed that they are committed to support an industry where a safe environment is created for employees, employers, organizations, and fans. The Code of Conduct starts with setting professional standards easy to change. These steps are not mandatory but AEFM expects that all members participate.

The steps to follow are written down in a detailed document that you can find in AFEM website. The motto of the code of conduct is simple: STOP. SUPPORT. REPORT.


The founder of and partner of AFEM, Andreea Magdalina said: “The CoC developed by AFEM is absolutely necessary. Our hope is that this document will dissipate any uncertainties in regards to the type of behavior that should be encouraged or, conversely, penalized”.

She continued explaining: “For women and other gender minorities these lines are clearly distinct, although we understand the nuanced scenarios in which they take place and the necessary education required to reinforce them. I welcome the CoC as a firm guideline that formalizes the do’s and don’ts of gender-based interaction in the electronic music workplace – whether that’s online, in the office, the studio, or on the dancefloor.”

It is hoped that the Code of Conduct is adopted by the Electronic Music Industry immediately and efficiently, so a protected work environment is built in order to secure artists, employees, employers and fans from sexual harassment and gender discrimination.

In addition, AFEM & Inclusion Group Co-Chair and Co-Author of the Code of Conduct, Sarah Hildering addressed: “I feel I grew up in the electronic music industry. From a very young age, I have found a home there; on the dancefloor and in the music industry. But despite my love for music, I would not wish any female industry professional or fan to experience what I have experienced throughout the years as a clubber and as someone who works in music.”

She keeps saying: “Our industry and culture needs to change completely, in order for womxn to feel safe to party and work in music. The Code of Conduct is an essential first step towards that change and everyone that works in music should not only honor but live by a Code.”

In conclusion, it can be said that changes inside the Electronic Music Industry are happening in order to create a better place for women and gender minorities. This is a new beginning and a step further to fight against gender discrimination and sexual harassment.

AFEM Code of Conduct

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