Alison Wonderland & Valentino Khan new song is called: “Anything”

This Friday Alison Wonderland just launched her latest release with the collaboration with the U.S producer Valentino Khan. A Vibey song that will be definitely a hit.

The track was released with Mad Decent label, Diplo´s label. “Anything” clearly represents the style of both artists, highlighting Alison’s vocals and the perfect rafting and executing music that lands with impact.

The song can be categorized as EDM/ Dance Music. However, you can find some electro-pop threads that creates different levels of energy through out the song. It can be said that Alison Wonderlans´s sweet and dreamy vocals add the final tough to achieve this magical song.

Alison wonderland

It can be observed that “Anything” followed some guidelines present in her last song “Bad things” lunched back in September. 

Alison Wonderland is doing a great job finding her style and sound because just by hearing few seconds of any song you will immediately know is one of her songs.

Over time, Alison Wonderland is becoming a worldwide and recognized artist that every song she put out it may be a success

Moreover, thanks to the new actions taken by the Electronic Music Industry, women and gender minorities will have more opportunities to be as big and relevant as male DJs and Producers.

You can listen to “Anything” – Alison Wonderland & Valentino Khan


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