If you can’t get enough of Halloween’s spooky vibes and want them to last you all winter, San Diego producer Autokorekt has got you covered. His debut EP Come Korekt was released under WaterShip Recs has the perfect dark and edgy vibes.

Come Korekt was released October 31st, the perfect day for this three-track EP with aggressive bass drop, a perfect companion to your head banging needs, classic dubstep synths and shrewdly interlaid samples.

The EP features collaborations from Eazley on the songs “RUN IT UP”, a hard-hitting banger and “SURGERY”, which is a dirty amalgamation of trap drops and samples of an EKG machine. The other collaborator Foreign Twiinz is featured on the track “PSYCHO” which has an anticipation building intro, similar to those on RL Grime’s Halloween mixtape.

Autokorekt is a member of 4ozcult, which is an artistic collective, music label and clothing brand with its other members being upcoming bass producers like Dack Janiels, Wenzday and Kendoll among others.

Autokorekt is eager to release more music containing a large amount of big collaborations. We eagerly await what he does next and have no doubt of him leaving his mark in the industry.

Autokorekt – COME KOREKT

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