BBL CLB is a new concept addressed as a mix between immersive Theatre and illegal rave.

BBL CLB, a new concept of virtual events will be launched in February 2021. This idea born due to the pandemic, “Nightlife has been decimated by the pandemic. Dance floors across the country remain closed with no end in sight and the parties have been forced underground.”

Hyperactive explains BBL CLB is an online immersive theater and an illegal rave. Attendees will join a zoom call and submerse themselves into an authentic experience, deciding and embarking themselves into different situations.

Participants will have the opportunity to listen to artists as: Altern-8, Sasha, Alan Fitzpatrick, Ragga Twins, Âme, Secretsundaze and Wookie.

“BBL CLB is an interactive online experience, played in groups remotely on video calls. Your mission is to find the BBL CLB. Do you have what it takes to find the secret venue? You are in control of the storylines, your destiny is in your hands as you journey into the murky underground rave scene. If you make it onto the legendary dance floor, a heavyweight programme of DJs perform live, exclusive sets, from the elusive BBL CLB.”

The first step to experience BBL CLB is to purchase a group ticket. Days prior the online event a unique and exclusive Zoom invitation will be sent as well as specific instructions to follow. Make sure to have good Wi-Fi signal to avoid any difficulties. On the Event’s night make sure to have everything well-planned and enjoy the event.

Due to the current global health crisis many night clubs all over United Kingdom are being closed. However, with initiatives like this will keep active “night-life”, BBL CLB is all about keeping the club culture alive.

For more information check out BBL CLB Website
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