Coachella Music Festival has been postponed for the third time.

Coachella, one of the biggest music festivals in the world was going to be celebrated in October 2020. However, due to the high number of Coronavirus cases the festival was postponed again. This was the second time the event was rescheduled. In their press note they explain that “this was not the future that any of us hoped to confront, but our main focus remains the well-being of our fans, staff, artists, desert partners and everyone involve in the festival”.

They announced that the festival was going to be on April 9 – 11 2021 and the weekend two would be April 16-18 2021. But, a few days ago, Rolling Stone reported that Coachella Music Festival will be celebrated in October 2021. They have spoken with the festival promoters: AEG and Goldenvoice, who claimed that the events are 100% moving and the lineup of the festival will probably be changed due to the different artists´ agendas.

This is the third time the festival is rescheduled. These are difficult times for event managers to organize and plan a big event like Coachella. Coachella is a music festival where people all over the world are united to enjoy music. some of the participants are the world’s most famous celebrities like Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande and many influencers and models. That is why the level of responsibility is extremely high for the organizers, every detail must be well planned to eliminate possible uncertainty.

Hopefully in the near future music festivals come back bigger and cooler. Everybody from the events industry, as well as the participants, are waiting for that they to come. Over the past months more and more events are being celebrated and organizers are adapting to the new situation.

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Marta Gozalo
"Magical moments start with music"