Burning Man organizers announced 2021 theme festival

Burning Man, the United Sates Festival will be celebrated from August 29th – September 6th 2021. However, the organizers are not able to confirm the festival´s dates due to the current pandemic, they explained: “simply too early to make the call.”

Nevertheless, thanks to the confirmations of 2021 Burning Man Theme: “The Great Unknown”, fans all over the world believe that the festival could take place this year.

Previously, Burning Man announced that 2021 Festival’s theme was going to be “Terra Incognita”. However after realising that the title has a colonial background and “reflected back some of our own implicit biases and default perspectives”, the organizers decided to changed it.

On Burning Man blog post they explained that the theme “The Great Unknown” was selected due to its deep meaning. They considered that it is “an invitation to emerge from our collective isolation, to explore the unfamiliar contours of a changed world, and to reimagine ourselves, our community, and our culture in ways that might not have been possible before this period of plague and pause.”

Participants will be able to register for Burning Man 2021 in April for tickets sales in May or later. It is true that getting tickets for the festival is an extremely difficult task, that is why in the Burning Man Journal they explained: we are committed to ensuring a diverse and engaged citizenry, and we’re exploring ways to infuse more mission-driven opportunity into our ticketing process.”

Despite the uncertainty created due to the global health crisis, organizers are optimistic and keep planning Burning Man 2021: “whether or not we build Black Rock City this year, Burners will continue to embark on adventures of exploration into uncharted territory. We will continue to change the world, well beyond the confines of Black Rock City. And we will do it together.”

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