Exploring Club XE2.0 experience, a multi-level location with 24 hours license

Melbourne based club called XE54 closed its doors back in 2020 due to the global health crisis provoked by the Covid – 19. Thanks to the anti-covid measurements Australia is now a Covid- free country where citizens do not need to follow strict rules. That is why the Club XE54 organizers announced they will open again in March.

The club´s team created a new experience called XE2.0 at The Bottom End: “which is a long-running, multi-level location at Little Collins St that has a 24-hour license”.

To create this magical venue, they have upgraded the sound system, added neon strip lines, similar to the old XE54 to create a memorable vibe.

The club is going to be divided in three areas: a Techno & House room, a Disco room and a Food Area. However, the organizers may considered opening a fourth one.

XE54’s Monty McGaw said that: “We will be placing our focus on Australian artists in the opening months, many of whom we are lucky to have home from their international touring circuit due to the current climate.”

The line-up for the upcoming sets is still unrevealed, but it will be released in the following days.

Exciting news for Australians Techno & House lovers, they will have the opportunity to enjoy together mesmerizing sets again.

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