Crow Techno Club: an underground techno club in Madrid

Crow Techno Club is an underground techno club in Madrid. The venue were the parties are organized is called Lab Madrid. It is an events' space located in the Spanish capital. Crow Techno Club offers the space needed to celebrate unbelievable parties and crazy raves. The Lab Madrid consists of over 1800 square meters with a great sound system, with more than 46.000 W. The lighting of the venue is also well designed, with more than a hundred projectors around the place. These elements are what makes Lab Madrid unique and able to create memorable experiences for its 1500 attendees.

Lab Madrid is considered the best venue in Madrid to organize events due to all the production elements it has. In this venue any kind of visual events can be planned. The space can be easily adapted and modified to any purpose. It is like a lab where talent emerges spontaneously and artist can express themselves.

Some artist that had played in Crow Techno Club are: Richi Risco, Joris Voorn, Ben Sims, Carlos Zarín, Vico DEEP, Tommy Four Seven, Freddy K, Andrés Campo

Right now, due to the global health crisis Lab Madrid is closed. Many parties have been cancelled. However, looking with hope to the future Crow Techno Club open as soon as the government authorizes the reopening of night clubs in Madrid.

crow club

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