3 new products available at DJ Snake's clothing line

Five days ago, Pardon My French, Dj Snake's clothing line released three brand new articles. This new collection consists of black hoodie, sweat pants and a T-shirt with an incredible lettering design printed on them. A clean design with light yellow and beige letters and a dark pink compass.

Pardon My French is actually one of the coolest clothing lines done by a DJ. It is composed by sweaters, sweat pants, t-shirts, tracksuits and other accessories. On the website, they explain: “since the creation of the brand, several pop-up stores have been made all around the world in DJ SNAKE hometown Paris, Los Angeles and Tokyo with sold out collections every time”.

They have collaborated with major fashion brands as Levi’s. Moreover, many famous artists have worn or supported Pardon My French such as: J Balvin, Cardi B

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