Facebook explained that their main purpose is to protect the “music listening experiences”, not allowing “music for commercial or non-personal purposes” without the “obtained appropriate licenses“. 

Facebook has updated its terms and conditions guidelines potentially banning DJs from playing music live streams.

In other words, music cannot be the main focus of the live streams. This new measurement will start by October 1st. However, Facebook has highlighted the fact that this guideline has already existed since 2018, they are just updating it to limit the “music listening experiences”. 


They also explained that “these guidelines are consistent across live and recorded video on both Facebook and Instagram, and for all types of accounts—i.e. pages, profiles, verified and unverified accounts“. In addition, Facebook addressed that those who break these new rules might have serious consequences as getting their account blocked, delete or restricted as well as deleting content.

From now on, DJs will probably not be able to entertain and connect with their fans through their live streams. During quarantine, live streams have become really popular and loved by everyone. They allowed connecting people from all over the world, sharing the same love for music. 

These online events were extremely important for some because they helped them to break with their daily quarantine routine. Live sets were played by famous DJs as: David Guetta, Martin Garrix… That is why this new measurement added to the Facebook guidelines was unexpected and caused uncertainty. 

 Check out Facebook guidelines to learn more.

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Marta Gozalo
"Magical moments start with music"