Mixcloud lunches “Tickets“: a new way for artists to generate income.

The music service platform announced that form now on they will be able to sell tickets to lives streams and events in their live platform. In their official web Mixcloud explained: “Earlier this year we launched live streaming to help DJs and artists broadcast online without the worry of copyright takedowns. Today, we bring you ‘Tickets’ – offering artists a new way to generate income from live streams.”

The first artists to participate in this first global serie of ticketed live streams are: Flying Lotus, Róisín Murphy, Leon Vinehall and Lafawndah. The prices of the live sets are between $10 to $14. A considerable price to have fun and enjoy music.

This is a great solution for a big issue. Nowadays, DJs are not able to perform for thousands of people due to the pandemic. Thanks to this new creative idea they will be have the chance to entertain their fans and create revenue. Actually, live streams have many positive advantages such as: listening to incredible sets, sharing memorable moments with friends while listening the music as well as enhancing the feeling of being part of a community.

Hopefully in the near future everything goes back to the reality and DJs perform in front of thousands and everyone is having fun all together.

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Marta Gozalo
"Magical moments start with music"