The Miami based Duo, Boiish making a mark in the Underground Electronic Music industry.

For years HE.SHE.THEY, a global, non-prejudicial and inclusive events collective has been hosting partying all over the world to create safe spaces for people. IN late 2019 they announced their debut as a record label and last month announced signing Boiish.

Boiish are a duo from Miami who sprung onto the scene this year and are tipped to be the hottest underground house act of 2020. They reworked Kesha and Wrabel’s “since I was young” proving their insane ability to create records that revitalize the dance floor. Their official remix of “Crème Brulee” by Kaleena Zanders and Vanessa Michaels featured on Spotify’s Dance Rising playlist.

“For remixes, we try to highlight our favourite aspects of a track [and] make the track completely our own,” Kristin of boiish said. “From there, it’s a really similar process to creating originals: experimenting with and designing unique sounds and arranging a track that is entirely new and our own.”

The duo has been newly signed to HE.SHE.THEY, a UK based event collective, fashion brand and record label that are on the frontlines of the contemporary inclusivity movement. 

A safe space for people regardless of “age, race, sex, gender, ableness, religious background or sexual preference,” the mantra of the brand is to “create a planet without prejudice for people to be people.”

Amanda from boiish said, “Kristin and I understand what it means to be an underrepresented group within the electronic music community, so it feels fitting that our first track found a home with people who make it their priority to put inclusivity first. This isn’t just about a name for them. It’s truly about the music and the following intuition when something that fits your brand comes across your desk.”

The duo had a busy summer topped off by virtual performances on SummerEyes and Groove Cruise. They made their label debut with the single “Do Too Much”, a tech-house track that displays their versatile abilities as songwriters, singers and producers.


The pandemic has separated boiish, which has required the duo to collaborate virtually, exchanging ideas through Zoom calls and emails. Despite the obvious challenges of the pandemic, they view this as an opportunity to be up to the task and learn and grown from it.

“It’s way more fun to be in the studio dancing together and bouncing ideas off each, [but] there’s been so much good that has also come out of being forced to work individually at times,” Amanda said.

They have continued to be motivated through the exciting opportunities that have come their way, for instance, their performance at LP Giobbi’sFemme House” takeover on Desert Hearts livestream and a SiriusXM takeover.

“For me personally, this was the peak of the summer. We love LP. She is seriously a house feminist icon queen and being part of her project and lineup has been a dream,” Amanda continued. “Desert Hearts and Sirius are both such large cornerstones in my musical interest and influence, so to hear and see our project in both of those settings, it just gave me a sense of everything coming full circle.”

As boiish look to the future, they are encouraged by the time spent at home being productive for them. Both of them are evolving and progressing as producers while also honing their singing abilities. With rumors of a full EP being in the works, we are excited to watch them reach new heights and continue to grow.

Last month Boiish shared a remix of their song by up and coming UK producer Elliot Adamson. The Do Too Much package includes his remix along with the VIP version of the original.

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Sanika Sonak
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