We all know glitter upgrades every festival outfit, but…  did you know about sustainable glitter?

It is well known that one of the most popular trends in music festivals culture is the use of glitter in every outfit. 

However, did you know that glitter is made of micro-plastics? These toxic micro-plastics are extremely harmful for the environment and destroys the oceans. Regular glitter takes over 1000 years to completely degrade. That is why some companies started to take action and produce sustainable glitter. 

Sustainable glitter

Here are three examples of companies that sells eco-friendly, sustainable glitter:



Jeen, Projekt Glitter founder, in 2016 started her business with the combination of her love for music festivals, her love for our planet as well as her passion for glitter. She realised that: “festivity & fun, frivolity & fabulousness need not be harmful to the Earth we call home”. Project Glitter consists of a plant-based glitter, a sustainable alternative for regular glitter.



In 2010, Ronald Britton Ltd, a company specialized in the production of glitter, realised the urgency of producing non-plastic glitter to stop the contribution of micro-plastics pollution. 

This new product is what today is called Bioglitter. In their web they addressed that “Ronald Britton Ltd embarked on a journey to trail-blaze the industry and develop an ecologically friendly alternative to plastic glitter, in order to provide manufacturers and consumers with a viable option to move away from traditional plastic glitters.”



In 2015 Dust & Dance was born with the mission “to encourage young people to embrace their differences, celebrate their youth and have confidence to be themselves”. 

As they explain in their web, choosing biodegradable glitter instead of regular glitter can make a world of difference: “by making little changes to the products we use we have a chance to make a healthier earth and prevent planet plastic and we can continue to sparkle into the future”.

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