Over the past few years there has been an increase in the number of articles that have exposed racial and cultural biases in newer technologies. For instance, self-driving cars not being able to recognize pedestrians with darker complexions or even AI facial recognition that is unable to identify people of color. 

That brings is to “irsh”, an Egyptian word that means shark which Google promptly tries to correct by suggestion “did you mean Irish?”

It is these discrepancies that were the inspiration for did you mean: irish. ZULI, an Egyptian electronic music producer and DJ Rama compiled a 10 -track project of Cairo’s trailblazing underground scene. 

Irish was born out of hangout sessions ZULI & Rama had with their musician and DJ friends. They started filming these sessions, which are still available on YouTube 

 All 10 featured artists have distinct styles but the common denominator is their desire to push the sound and take it to different heights, as the new take son Egyptian music. The most popular styles of music are Maharaganat and Shaabi, and you can hear influences of these styles on the project albeit fresh, innovative versions. 

 There isn’t as much of a local scene in Egypt but there is a strong appreciation for it. The scene in Cairo is small in comparison to other big cities but there is a decent number of incredible producers. The compilers, as well as the artists all, have varied backgrounds and ages, this is precisely why their styles are different. 

Having said that, they are all motivated to create more because of their friendships and support for each other.

Check out their project here: Irish Cairo

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Sanika Sonak
“Where words fail, music speaks”