At first you may think that the festival sponsors don’t really matter that much. That after all, it’s just promotion… Well, you are wrong. There are brands that have achieved so much love from the public that they have forced festivals to have them as the only sponsor (to be more present in their audience environment). Obviously they appear in festivals that are related to the spirit of the brand in question, we are talking about brands that want to be associated with youth, music, etc.

Nevertheless, we are not going to say that these brands only participate in festivals because of all the love they have from the audience. They also appear sporadically in them precisely to earn the love and recognition of the attendees, in this case, through music.

In this article we will show you some of the festivals with higher representation of certain brands and events that are clearly made with the support of a particular one:

KAPPA FuturFestival (Torino Summer Music).

This festival started in 2009 and, for sponsorship reasons, is called Kappa FuturFestival. The location (as well as the name) was not chosen by chance. Kappa FuturFestival was named like that because it was created as a commemoration of the Italian Futurist manifesto. It is held in Turin, the youth capital of Europe.

Why do you need to go to the Kappa FuturFestival? Because it is one of the best Techno festivals in Europe and it is attended by international eminences as well as italian artists.


One that could not be missed in this list is RedBull. A brand that knows the importance of a correct positioning with its target. RedBull not only does many sport events, they are also very committed to music.

They sponsor countless festivals but they also organize them and promote hundreds of artists from all over the world.

Because besides water…what do you drink in a festival? Redbull.

Moreover, they are so active that on their website you can even see guides to not miss out the must-attend clubs in different cities around the world.

Although right now there is not much nightlife, here we leave you the link in case you plan to travel now or in a more remote future. Click here.

Yes, there are some brands that take their positioning to the extreme, but as long as they are committed to music we think that’ s great.


In Coachella, Amazon made it easy to shop. Whatever attendees wanted to buy from Amazon was automatically delivered to the locker assigned to them, avoiding theft or having to carry your shopping bags throughout the festival.

Although this initiative at first may not seem so crucial, as the festival progresses, we appreciate it more and more.  We can affirm that this initiative is at least practical.

Of course, we could not miss the FOOD COMPANIES, as the best time to sell you a good meal is when you have spent an average of twelve hours jumping. It is true that in this situation, even the grass would taste good to you. Nevertheless, these brands want to save you the indigestion and offer you real food by promoting themselves at festivals (and many times offering you free food so you can try it).


Who is in the mood for a pie?

This brand has learned how to position itself and how to participate in festivals (and has even raffled festival tickets).

In addition, this brand has been very active for a while, making initiatives in which, if you bought certain pies, they would plant a tree. They are very conscious about climate change and helping the community.

Find out more about Pieminister here.


JUST EAT (at Electric Picnic)

Flavourville has been a constant for some years at Electric Picnic festival. Who was behind this initiative? Well, of course Just Eat.

Isn’t it a good way to win the trust of your consumers to be there when they need you the most?

Plus, Flavourville blended in perfectly with the cool Coachella aesthetic.


Although we know that nothing stands out more than having a festival named after a brand, there are companies that, even if they don’t have such eye-catching campaigns, attract attention just as much.

This is the case of Batiste, a dry shampoo brand. You may say, well, what’s the point of doing this here? Well, when you enter the festival you might look decent, but when you get into the middle of it (no matter how brown all the cats are at night) and your hair glows in the dark, it’s noticeable. That’s why Batiste distributed its product in mini sizes at festivals, gaining the loyalty of many consumers, including myself.

This list proves how there’s nothing like being in the right place at the right moment.
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