Sawagi Festival 2020: the underground techno music festival in Japan

Its last edition took place last weekend: September 26th 2020 and 27th. The virus that had postponed mainstream festivals like Ultra Miami or Coachella, was not able to stop the organization of Sawagi Festival 2020

However, event planners took some rules to prevent the spread of the virus, for example checking the participants’ temperature, having disinfection points as well as promoting social distancing.

Another anti-Covid-19 measure that the event managers took was limiting the number of participants and having new areas prepared, so ravers would be able to spread out easily. One of those areas was the parking lot. Because of this reason, the number of cars had to be reduced too. The solution for this problem was encouraging their attendees through the different social media channels, to share car rides. 

They posted an image of a van and said that through the image they wanted to encourage their attendees to carpool if they had available space in their car or if they needed a ride. When organizing an event is extremely important to take into account the event’s venue accessibility. It could be said that it was a great solution for a big issue

Some artist that have played in Sawagi Festival are: DJ G. (The Sharing), DJ NobuDJ SHIGeDJ SODEYAMAGerzr among others… Moreover, some artists and companies have collaborated in this cool event, such as: Tiny Bird Coffee service, the artist Stone63Bubble Art Onchi

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