The Tunisian artist, Cera Khin says “it’s time to break the stigma” of mental health in the techno community

Cera Khin launched an Instagram page in November in support of mental health awareness within the techno community. A topic that has so far been taboo or swept under the rug.

Cera Khin, a Tunisian artist was recently certified as a hypnotherapist launched Technomentalhealth because “this subject has been and still is pretty taboo in the electronic music industry… I thought it’s about time to talk about the importance of mental health out loud and break the stigma.”


The recently launched Instagram account already has over a thousand followers. The posts on the account has quotes like “Your mental health is as important as your physical health” with long captions going into further details. It not only has encouraging quote but also slides answering questions like “How to emotionally support someone?”

If anything, the account emphasizes the importance of mental health awareness, the need for open conversations surrounding it specially in the techno community. These subjects have seemingly been avoided for too long and hopefully Cera Khin’s efforts contribute to changing how mental health is approached in the future.

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