Saffron, a music tech initiative that is addressing the gender imbalance in the music industry was founded in Bristol in 2015 by Laura Lewis-Paul.

The music tech industry is at present made up of only 5% women. Mix Night wants to change that. The goal is to grow that number and push for gender equality by building safe spaces for women, female-identifying and non-binary people in order for them to learn and develop confidence. 

The aim for Saffron is to have womxn reclaim what have traditionally been male-dominated tech spaces, increase their visibility and serve as role models for others.

Mix Nights

Saffron mainly offers training in music production, sound engineering and DJing along with operating an artist development program and record label. 

Mix Nights, a DJ course for women has been successful in its run in Bristol over a period of four years, teaching over 136 people and aiding in rectifying the imbalance of gender in the DJ world in the city. The course was created by DJs Danielle, Em Williams and Daisy Moon.

The course is now being brought to London with the hope of having a bigger impact. 

The tutors for the first-ever London edition will be FAUZIA, Shanti Celeste, Saorise and OK Williams. They will be joined by Mix Nights Bristol graduates Vanessa Maria and Glade Marie. 

Mix Nights will run at the Tottenham venue for eight weeks from October 20 to December 7.

The course will end with a DJ showcase on December 8 where each graduate will get 30 minutes to perform at the COVID-safe space. 

To learn more about Saffron and Mix Nights click below: Saffron Music I Mix Nights

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