Since its inception, Orca Sound Project (OSP), a UK-based organization has been enthusiastically partnering with corporate clients in order to increase awareness of the detrimental impact of plastic waste, mainly in oceans. For instance, in 2019 at Glastonbury, they built an entire stage solely out of recycled plastic.  

This time around OSP’s attention is on Ibiza, which is a famous dance music island that attracts thousands of electronic music fans annually for various festivals and events. Ibiza on average generated half a tonne of waste per person in 2019 alone, this was 14% higher than the rest of Europe. The island lacks a local plastic recycling facility and only has approximately 5 years left of landfill space.

This year, the Orca Sound Project has collaborated with jewellery brand Hannah Warner and delivered a capsule collection inspired by the Southern Resident Orca Community. 20% of the proceeds will go directly to funding beach clean-up activities and aid in reversing the negative impact of the waste left behind by EDM show attendees.

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