Devoted to the magical nightlife of Berlin, Paramida is a passionate player, a DJ always worth hearing.

This weekend as I instinctively looked up online the lineup of my beloved Berghain in Berlin, I realized that I didn’t know anything about this not so new DJ that I had long seen in the lineups from the above-mentioned club.

So I started from the beginning and listened to some of her sets posted on Soundcloud, and what a great idea that was. Her music was like being brought to the bar of my more beloved Panorama Bar instantly. She reminded me of Steffi or Dinky. I heard the vibes of Josey Rebelle, Nick Hoepner, Dexter or Massimiliano Pagliara. She plays the music that you remember that you listened to when you were there; or that you wished that you listened when you heard some other things. My trip was for free and this time they sure did let me in THE CLUB. Thank you Paramida.

House music without any boundaries. House music that makes you dance for hours. House music that makes you sweat. She mixes house but also has some space in her USB for high energy techno, Italian dream house and new beat. She is really committed to digging.

While she was working at OYE records she began her career as a DJ. An incredible journey with always incredible music has led her to residencies at two of the world´s most renowned nightclubs: Robert Johnson and Panorama Bar.

Outside of the dancefloor and from 2014 her label “Love on the rocks”, collects offbeat club anthems and unexpected 12″s adapted from the dustiest corners of outsider dance culture, bringing together elements from nu-disco, trance, acid, deep and progressive house, breaks and ambient music across continents.

I can´t wait to listen to her in person.

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“Don’t feed me after midnight”