Pill-ID is in Beta phase and will be capable of identifying the exact pill with your phone camera

Rehab, the UK based creative technology agency, and Herezie, a French advertising agency; announced yesterday their new app that allows users to scan pills with their smartphone built-in camera. Pill-ID.

The people behind Pill-ID are aware of the recreational use of drugs and instead of demonising them, they teamed up to inform people because as they say, ‘one thing is for certain. No one ever really knows what they’re taking.’

The app claims to be really easy to use: Just take a picture with Pill-ID or upload one from your phone gallery and the app will identify the pill showing you all the information such as name, risk level, description and dosage.


Pill-ID uses machine learning technology to compare the photo with the Nuit-Blanche drug database so it will be improving over time and the information collected is confidential, so basically you are anonymous and untraceable.

Pill-ID is currently a prototype, but developers are planning to launch it by Winter 2021.

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