Printworks London is more than just a nightclub: a cultural place where attendees have memorable experiences

It opened for the first time in 2017. In just a few years, it became a cultural place where attendees have memorable experiences. Printworks London has turned into “home to the largest printing factory in Western Europe”. This increasing popularity may be caused by several factors: the attractive industrial aesthetic as well as the performances of the on the scene DJs. However, it is believed that the main reason why this club is so well received is due to their impressive sound and lights design. The logistics behind its design is built up by Hydra‘s production and the work of several engineers. Natalie Heckl, one of the light engineers explained: “My challenge for the night is to create those special moments, where light and music fit in perfect harmony”. The lighting of the venue is able to create meaningful reactions, adding the final tough to the music played.
In addition, Ajay Jayaram and Dolan Bergin promotors in Hydra expressed that “the lightning at Printworks really serves to highlight the scale and grandeur of the main hall and its architecture”. The venue’s illumination is capable of transforming the location completely, turning into a spectacular environment where clubbers can enjoy electronic music.
Printworks lLondon
Printworks London is a space where mainstream and underground DJ can play. Some examples of relevant DJs who had played at Printworks are Don DiabloFisher, or Amelie Lens. On the other hand, DJs as Ben KlockDisclosure, or DJ Senfeld have had the opportunity to share their music too.
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Marta Gozalo
"Magical moments start with music"