Up-and-coming German producer Rezident has garnered the attention of fans and industry insiders. 

Rezident returned with a brand-new project recently called Chapters. The three track EP, Chapters was released October 23rd through Anjunadeep.

Chapters EP highlights his ability to create sonic environments that have a calming and joyful effect on whoever listens to it.

Rezident, a unique producer has received a lot of support from significant electronic music artists like James Grant, Diplo and Nora En Pure.

You recently released your latest three-track EP, Chapters, what is the overall style of this project?

There’s a lot of music that inspires me, often times it’s classic house-records. I like that type of music because of the simplicity of it – there’s just a couple elements that evolve throughout the track.

This is one of the things that comes through in the Chapters EP! Generally, I’d say the genre is “Deep House”, but everyone says something different and it doesn’t really matter!

And you released it via Anjunadeep, how was your experience working with such a well establish deep-house label?

I’m really happy about this & also the previous release with Anjunadeep (“Pure”)! They have a great fanbase, and it’s been nice to see the reception – not only to the EP but also everything around it.

I had the chance to play a DJ-Set on the Anjuna Twitch-Channel, and took over the Instagram Stories & Spotify Playlist. There will be another live-stream on twitch about the production of the EP, so stay tuned for that!


How is this project’s musical vibe different from you earlier releases like Blurred Focus and High Spirits?

Compared to my previous releases, the Chapters EP has more drive & energy, and a more raw vibe to it.

Do you have any plans for touring, hopefully in 2021?

I think everything is on hold right now. For now, I’m working on new records.

What about new music, any new releases for the end of this year or start of 2021?

Yes! I can already announce a remix for AlunaGeorge, which is scheduled for January 2021.

Lastly, what is you hope for the new year?

I can’t decide. It would be great to end the COVID era, but there’s also a lot of other things we should fix!

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