The Canadian Electronic Music producer Richie Hawtin just launched his first solo EP since 1999. The Ep is called “Time Warps” with 2 tracks that offers over 30 minutes of new music.

This techno EP is the debut release on From Our Minds which is a sub-label of his Plus 8. The first track is called “Time Wraps” and the second one is “Time Stands Still”

He explained: “After 30 years in the music industry and with the state of the planet, I believe we need to consider the environmental impact of petroleum-based music formats,”

He continued. “I’m still committed to releasing a limited-edition vinyl for those who choose to enjoy their music using this format; however, I believe that our community needs to be more sensitive with their vinyl strategy.”

The digital version is already out. However, the Vinyl will be able on Friday, December 4th. This special and unique product is going to be produced by Deepgrooves Vinyl Pressing Plant.

Deepgrooves Vinyl Pressing Plant is located in the Netherlands a company that will make this vinyl with 100% recycled material.

Watch the video for “Time Warps” which was designed by Richie Hawtin and Barbara Klein:

Link to Richie Hawtin Soundcloud – Time Wraps

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