Lossless audio quality might arrive soon to Spotify

Early this week, a Reddit user found a secret menu in the iOS app which confirms that the HiFi implementation may be imminent.

The post includes screenshots that show a ‘HiFi’ Icon near the queue section and a ‘HiFi’ menu that was unlocked by the user after tapping quickly on the logo.

Spotify HiFi

The tutorial tells the users that this lossless audio quality is only achievable via wired headphones or speakers, due to the limitations of the existing Bluetooth codecs, but this HiFi mode will increase the quality even in those Bluetooth devices.

It also suggests using WiFi in order to obtain a more stable bandwidth while playing or downloading the tracks.

Spotify HiFi
Spotify HiFi
Spotify HiFi

Release date

Spotify has not provided a specific release date, but in February, they announced that the service could be implemented ‘later this year‘. In fact, Spotify announced the service with a collaboration with the young artists Billie Eilish & Finneas.

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