Spotify just created a new tool to personalize designs for Artists´ songs, albums.

Nowadays music streaming and social media are great ways to connect fans and artists. However, more promotional platforms mean more promotional work for emerging and established artists.

Currently, artists are not just a person; they have become a brand. Thus, they have to work on their image and online reputation as any other corporate or business.

Due to this reason, Spotify for Artists is focused on making the job “easier when it comes to creating eye-catching shareable social media assets to help you grow your audience and celebrate wins like getting playlisted.”

On the official website Spotify explained: “Promo Cards, easily customizable graphics that you can create to share with your fans to promote yourself, your songs, your album, or when you’re featured on some of our most popular playlists”.

To start all that is have to be done is to visit the following site: Spotify Promo Cards for Artists

The site is available in different languages. Users do not need to log in or enter an email. To create a Promo Card, these are the 3 steps to follow:

1. Select: “Search for the content you want to promote. You can share your artist profile, a track, or an album”.

2. Customize: “You can choose the aspect ratio and background colour from a palette of complementary options”. The colour palette that Spotify offers is based on the colours of the cover album, profile picture or single cover. Moreover, there are 3 sizes available to choose from: square, vertical (for Instagram stories) and horizontal (for banners).

3. Share: the final step allows the users to download the promo card, “Download your new creation and upload it wherever you like with the link to your content the site generates”.

Spotify addressed that with promo cards artists are now capable of creating content to engage with their fans, making it sharable and savable, helping them to spread their music, “Spotify for Artists helps you to develop the fanbase you need to reach your goals.”

Marta Gozalo
"Magical moments start with music"