Lucii has released new EP called WICKED in October 23th 2020

This EP is composed by 4 songs in total that represents “her freeform bas style”. The label behind this amazing EP is Wakaan. After debuting with her single “Neptune”, she has became the first female signee.

The first track is “Spell”, a hard style track. The listener will definitely be overwhelmed and amazed by the whirlwind the drop provokes. The following song is called “Till the Day I Die”, you can hear the sweet Lucii’s vocals, mixed with bass style sounds similar to Rezz’s.

The third song is the collaboration with the dubstep producer Point.Blank, “Wonky”. It can be described as the perfect combination of Lucii’s aliens sound mixed with Point.Blank’s heavy bass, creating a masterpiece that will blow out listeners mind, literally.

Finally, the last track is “vibe”, this is the most relaxed song of all. The harmonious melody will allow you vibe and chill.

It is amazing to see how women are starting to have representation inside the Electronic Music Industry. This EP is the perfect one to listen to during this spooky season.


You can listen to Lucii’s new EP, WICKED in the following links: Spotify I Soundcloud

Follow Lucii on: Instagram

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