Tara O’Neill is the influencer that will take you to every music festival

Tara O’Neill, San Francisco based influencer with almost 200.000 subscribers on YouTube and 45K Followers on Instagram, is a music festival fashion blogger. Her outgoing personality, honesty and her excellent sense of fashion is what makes her so unique and incomparable.

In her YouTube channel you can find different types of elaborated videos as: entertained festival vlogsfitness routineshealthy recipes as well as the coolest festival fashion hauls. In addition, her Instagram is all you need to find new festival fashion brands, trends, inspiration for festival outfits etc…Recently, she posted a video explaining that even though the 2020 festival season was cancelled, she will be posting rave outfits to keep her motivated and inspire others.

Before the pandemic caused by the Covid-19, Tara O’Neill used to go to the most popular EDM music festivals, including Ultra Miami, Bass Canyon Music Festival, Snow Globe…

Tara O'Neill

Many big fashion brands such as Missguided or Princess Polly want to collaborate with her. However, one of her passions is to partner with independent designers who produce special customized items locally. She loves to promote small designers that have original, creative and high-quality products.

She has a big loyal community that encourage her to keep making videos and Instagram posts and is constantly showing herself to the world through the different social media platform

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