An incredible music festival that will start in summer 2021: Yacht Week

The Yacht Week is all about exploring the world with your best friends in a yacht and many others. It total will be 7 days of visiting the most beautiful beaches, going to unbelievable places and having awesome parties. Participants will discover new places, enjoying every second of the day and dancing all night.

Some destinations of this amazing trip are: Caribbean BVI routePolynesia TahitiCroatia Original Route and Greece Athens Route. Also, they have a special sail route that offers VIP tickets for Ultra Europe. Attendees will be able to go to this mainstream EDM music festival with 500 other yachts.

Yacht Week

How can you book a sail trip? First of all you have to reunite your friends, up to 12. If you are not enough you can find some through their crew finder. Also, you have the option of travelling by yourself, so new mates will be assigned to you. Then, you will have to select the rest of expenses, extras… The price of this yacht week adventure is around 1200€ per person.

Definitely a magical experience that everyone must live at least once in a lifetime.

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Marta Gozalo
"Magical moments start with music"