Spotify, inspired by TikTok, brings Videocasts

In 2020 the music platform started to introduce audiovisual content in its platform, by creating Videocasts: Podcasts and video. The main purpose of Videocasts is to create deeper engagement between listeners and their podcasters, enhancing the connection that would not be achieved by using only audio.

At the beginning of September, Spotify announced it had a new patent. This new update will consist of the ability to create short videos with music. This new idea is very similar to the already existing app TikTok. The users will be able to share these short videos also known as “Video Moments”.


The user will have the opportunity to choose a specific song and create a video for that song according to their preferences and likes. The video will allow the users to express their message while a song is playing. The name of the song and the artist’s name will be visible so everyone can search for the song or the artist. Users will have the chance to like or share the video created by another user.

It is not confirmed that this new update will be implemented any time soon, but what it is already done is the patent that will allow Spotify to execute it if they consider that it will benefit the music platform. Little by little all platforms are modifying and adapting to the new trends.

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Marta Gozalo
"Magical moments start with music"