By simulating intense concert environments, or placing users in a recording studio, Virtual Reality can provide someone with a fully immersive music experience from their living room.

Even though virtual reality is still a technology in its early stages, several fields have exploited it and seen immense benefits, music being one of them. After the pandemic, this industry realised that the use of virtual reality technology opens the door to experiment live performances. Audiences continue to be largely locked out of attending music venues and the solution is right in front of us.

Technology is going to improve and so do VR headsets and systems. The price of head-mounted devices in addition to the lack of attractive content, are two main factors for the deceleration of exploiting this industry. Furthermore, affordable VR headsets, around $150, have only recently come onto the market.

Can you imagine watching your favourites artists as close as you want?

In 2019 the creator of ‘Silence’, ‘Wolves’ or ‘Alone’, launched a virtual 360º video for his song ‘Down’ from his album Joytime.

As virtual reality improves, artists have seen that is a fantastic way to connect with the public and the use of it can make audiences stare at the screen astonished. 360º videos are recorded from all angles by multi-camera or omnidirectional camera equipment.


MelodyVR is a UK startup that developed an app for immersive music. In collaboration with Oculus, they created the perfect virtual experience for those who want to enjoy concerts again. You just have to find the show you want, buy it and enjoy it!. “We want the end-user to be the director of their own live music video by being able to jump between camera positions” 



Three-week-long concert series that took place on the game’s party royale island. Diplo, Steve Aoki y Deadmau5 were some of the names.

Epic Studios built an art studio space in Los Angeles with a massive wall and floor covered by an LED screen and robotic cameras that could be remotely operated. The concerts were a complete success.

In the future, the team at Epic is hoping to use the stage to utilize mixed and augmented reality effects.


Porter Robinson announced his own virtual festival, for the first time taking place in May 2020. For his second album ‘Nuture’, the American DJ launched Secret Sky festival 2.0, a streaming and free event where fans could live inside this digital and virtual environment.


Carl Cox, David Guetta, Charlotte de Witte, Eric Prydz or Black Coffe are some of ‘the Chosen Ones’ that will perform inside the virtual space, PRISM, the first to be released within Sensorium Galaxy. “A land where top performers gather to express themselves with absolute freedom”. PRISM offers an immersive interaction and exclusive Dj sets, you just have to create a virtual yourself deciding how you look and dive into this world, participating in music & dance shows or creating them.


Sensorium Galaxy along with Mubert created JAI:N, their first all-digital artist powered by Artificial Intelligence that will be performing at this virtual platform. Mubert is a music licensing platform with advanced algorithms where virtual artists can create generative music in real-time based on an extensive database of samples. These DJs are capable of handling over 100 music genres and moods, adapting to every public.


As Beatport said: “BEYOND is an immersive concert series that takes things to a whole new level, giving you the chance to choose what happens next. Chat and interact, send virtual party favours, change environments, and see yourself featured directly in the show.”

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Speaker Honey, Rinzen, SOHMI6, Worthy, Marbs or Reid Speed were some of the names that we could see on the Beyond Lineup. The show was live-streamed on WAVE, you just had to sign in and you could enjoy one hour of free virtual concerts.

In the future, Virtual Reality may be one of the most important revenue streams for musicians and producers. It will be about entering the musician’s world, rather than simply engaging with an individual song.

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