Xone:96, born to help music producers expand their creativity

Xone:96 is the DJ mixer, the enhanced version of Xone:92. This new gear is a further step forward. The modern industrial style is one of Xone:96 main design characteristics. The official web explains that Xone:96 is: “A refined, precision 4-band EQ. Unrivalled dual Xone:VCF filters with CRUNCH harmonic distortion. And a dual 32-bit USB soundcard (24 Channels @ 96kHz) with Traktor Scratch certification”.

This tool allows the producer to connect their "whole rig, from laptops and turntables, to pedals, synths and drum machines".

It is composed by 2 dedicated FX sends, 4 stereo input channels (with 4-Band EQ), 2 stereo input channels with all new 3-band Parametric EQ + 2 auxiliary stereo return channels. And a separate master insert for your outboard hardware. 

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