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Emerging Musician 3xzed Releases An Impressive New Deep And Melodic Electronic Single

“Got Me Feelin So” is a Deep House electronic track from 3xzed that transports you into its smooth universe.

Emerging artist on the electronic music scene, 3xzed started making music in 2014 but has recently decided to dedicate himself fully to it. 3xzed specializes in electronic music, such as Deep House, House, Future Bass, and more. After self-releasing songs in 2022 like, “Just Like Magic” and “Don’t Worry About Tomorrow“, he is now back with his latest track “Got Me Feeling So”.

With its late-night club atmosphere, this title is a Deep House feel-good track full of positive and danceable vibes. The name “Got me feeling so”, which also appears in the pre-chorus from a captivating feminine voice, was named by the artist because hearing it made him feel a certain way.

The cover of the single, with its orange and purple colours and the astronaut in the middle, reflects the artist’s feelings:

I chose this cover because there aren’t many rules in space, and you can make your own rules, and that’s how I feel as an artist. Also, an astronaut in space is someone facing the unknown, so that’s why that has meaning to me.

Wanting to impact the scene, he was pushed and motivated by his musical influences such as Daft Punk for their uniqueness, their way of composing and handling samples but also artists from the EDM scene like Avicii who had a strong impact on 3xzed growing up.

The artist’s music can be distinguished by his very deep and melodic signature sound. He usually makes music on the minor scale, which gives him a little eerie air with which he tries to create deep soundscapes so that the listener feels as if he is living in the song.

The music producer is currently preparing various upcoming musical projects, for more information follow him on his social media.

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