Sander Wilder

Q&A: Get To Know Producer Sander Wilder

Today we present an exclusive conversation with the talented Sander Wilder; diving into his plans for 2024, he shares with us a sneak peek into what fans can expect to hear from him next. Following an exciting year within Electronic Music, one that has seen countless striking live shows and a whole host of unmissable music, the bar is set high for the next 12 months within the genre: but, with an original approach towards music production and a passionate determination to keep elevating his creativity, we’re sure that Sander Wilder will play an important role in ensuring fans enjoy another year filled with standout moments.

So, join us as we sit down with Sander Wilder to discuss his 2024 plans.

What’s one personal goal you have set for yourself in the upcoming year, and what steps have you taken to achieve it?

From a musical perspective, it is to share with the world more music and explore new sounds – there is some work in progress which will finally arrive next year, so, stay tuned!

Can you share an achievement or accomplishment from the past year that you’re most proud of and why?

My evolution as a producer and the expansion of my creative horizon have been some of the most important achievements for me.

What’s a new skill or hobby you’re planning to explore in the new year, and what motivated you to pursue it?

Honestly, I’m sticking with my current hobbies right now.

What’s the most exciting project or initiative you have on your radar for the upcoming year, and what impact do you hope it will have?

Overall, next year, I’m planning to continue growing my artist project and releasing new tracks which I hope will have a positive impact on listeners.

Reflecting on the past year, what’s one lesson you’ve learned that you intend to carry with you into the new year?

Good things take time and consistency is key.

How do you plan to strike a better work-life balance in the upcoming year to improve your overall well-being?

Good diet, enough sleep, sport, and a clear mind.

Can you share your top three New Year’s resolutions? Please explain why they are important to you

Diversify my sound: in the coming year, I aim to explore and incorporate new genres and elements into my productions, expanding my sonic palette and evolving a more versatile and unique sound.

Consistent release schedule: consistency in releasing music will help keep my audience engaged, attract new listeners, and keep my musical journey on track.

Expanding my audience: there are people out there who haven’t heard my music yet and there is a good chance they’ll like it so reaching them is a responsibility for me.

Sander Wilder

Can you name a book, movie, or experience from the past year that had a significant impact on you, and why?

The TV Series – ‘All the Light We Cannot See’ was quite impressive with its overall message, other than that I don’t have any significant experience/book/movie from this year in mind.

In what ways do you hope to grow and develop personally and professionally in the next 12 months?

As an artist, I’ll continue to explore my musical direction and grow with new tracks and new mixes.

If you could choose one word or phrase to represent your theme for the new year, what would it be, and why does it resonate with you?

Explore. I’ve chosen it because it keeps me thinking outside of the box.

As we wrap up our interview with Sander Wilder, we thank him for taking the time to speak with us and eagerly anticipate the next year in his already captivating musical journey. Make sure to keep up-to-date with Sander Wilder by following him across social media.

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