DJ G-String New Trance EP is Out on April 22nd

DJ G-String Announced her New Trance Ep called ‘In the mirror’. She is a music artist from Chicago, IL, that has been on Beatport Top 100 with three different singles in 2021 & 2022, and was selected as one of the Top 10 Dance Artists by Reverbnation. She is a singer, songwriter, composer, producer, remixer, and DJ, and plays several instruments such as Guitar, Bass, Violin, and Keyboard. With over 1million streams on Spotify, DJ G-String is breaking barriers as an Indie Artist with her style of music and vocal house productions.

¨I think the track Always in general from this remix and the original makes me feel that way. The other remixes are a bit more high-energy and remind me of the 80s/90s techno trance styles. My music has been referenced as an old school style of sound and also classical in nature¨– DJ G-String

Dj G-String


This EP ¨In the mirror¨ is created after G-String started to make remixes of all her trance top tracks. She picked a symbolic EP title “In the Mirror” as a reflection of who she is and how she is building in this ecosystem of dance music looking back on the positive things in her music successes and really just saying to yourself “look in the mirror this is you”.

¨This EP is remixes of all of my top tracks in Trance style. I was in a zone listening to a lot of trance music and messing around with a track of mine and thought I should remix this in trance; this is how this EP was born.¨– Dj G-String

The trance remixes are a mix of some technohouse styles, and soft vocals that flow because of the melodies, harmonies, and the stylistic sounds of air or a heaven-like feeling. She has always loved trance music and wanted to give her songs a flavour of that style. She is usually a vocal house producer but felt that the lyrics and emotions of her tracks could fit well within the trance world. This artist makes her music from the beginning to end, and that’s because she composes, produces, writes, and sings all the songs of this Ep, except for ¨Runaway¨ where she’s the singer but has Lindsey Compton’s collab.


This is the first Ep of G-String, she took a track that she already has and start to play with it, so after that, she made the same with the other four tracks which resulted in this New Trance Ep.

  • ¨Always remix¨make you feel calm and create an atmosphere that involves you in the world inside the track and also have other remixes that have big energy with some influences from the 80s/90s techno trance styles. It is the most old-school style and classic track of this Ep in the two versions.
  • ¨Your love remix¨ is a trance emo techno style with a version of soft and heavenly trance.
  • ¨All this nights¨ is a good remix too but for G-String was very difficult because the original version in Techno was hard to overcome, even if it is really good, is the number 2 version for her.
  • ¨Runaway¨ is very interesting because gives to G-string the Chriszo’s Trance style too. It is more house-based, but G-Strings took that to make this incredible track.
  • ¨Only if¨ the original version is one of the favourites for the artist because takes her house-style vocals to another level the remix is a perfect balance of high energyrunning beats, and just enough synths to get into the energy. She work with P5HCh0H on this remix and took some time because he is usually big room style so this was his first trance remix.

‘IN THE MIRROR’ Available Hypeddit | Spotify

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