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Dynamic Twin Duo Castor & Pollux: Getting To Know The Men Behind The Music

With 2023 delivering numerous milestone moments and countless impressive productions, we find ourselves looking forward to what’s next to come within Electronic Music in 2024; having had such a stellar year within the genre, our expectations are high, but we are sure the powerhouse duo, Castor & Pollux will keep the standard raised as we step into the new year.

As the dynamic pair continue to take the genre by storm, having dropped several powerful tracks throughout 2023, collaborating with a host of gifted artists, as well as lighting up stages across America, Castor & Pollux promise even more excitement in the months to come. So, today they are joining us to look ahead to what their 2024 has in store.

What’s one personal goal you have set for yourself in the upcoming year, and what steps have you taken to achieve it?

One personal goal of ours that we set for this year in 2024 is to play EDC Vegas. The steps we’ve taken to achieve that is building our relationship with the Insomniac brand further and having their team get to know us more.

Castor & Pollux

Can you share an achievement or accomplishment from the past year that you’re most proud of and why?

An accomplishment from this past year that we’re very proud of is getting two tracks signed to Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings. Revealed has always been a goal of ours for many years so to have multiple tracks signed to the label this year was something we’re proud of.

What’s a new skill or hobby you’re planning to explore in the new year, and what motivated you to pursue it?

A new skill we’re planning on exploring in the new year is to learn piano. We’re looking to pursue it as we feel it’s an important aspect when writing music for our productions so it’s something we’re looking forward to.

What’s the most exciting project or initiative you have on your radar for the upcoming year, and what impact do you hope it will have?

We’re looking to build out our own event brand where we start locally and then move it to different US cities. We hope we can build it up so more fans can get a sense of who we are as artists and get behind the experience we’re looking to bring.

Castor & Pollux

Reflecting on the past year, what’s one lesson you’ve learned that you intend to carry with you into the new year?

One lesson we’ve learned that we’re carrying with us into this year is if people around us don’t believe in who we are and what we’re looking to achieve, then look to others that we want to be on board and push us to be our best selves.

How do you plan to strike a better work-life balance in the upcoming year to improve your overall well-being?

We already have a great work-life balance where we know when we have to stay focused on music so we will keep using that same routine into 2024.

Can you share your top three New Year’s resolutions? Please explain why they are important to you

Three resolutions we have are, continuing to grow personally as ourselves and not as the artist as we know that’s super important. Another is to keep working out and staying healthy because our health is everything, and the last is to keep enjoying ourselves with family and friends.

Can you name a book, movie, or experience from the past year that had a significant impact on you, and why?

One experience from this year that had a significant impact on us was having the opportunity to travel to different places and see different cities. It made a significant impact on us as it gave us a chance to meet fans and interact with people who run these venues that we’re looking to play at more come the new year.

In what ways do you hope to grow and develop personally and professionally in the next 12 months?

Personally, we want to keep making time for the people who care about us and support us because that’s all we can do. Doing that and showing the ones you love you’ll always be there shows so much and people really take that in. Professionally, we want to keep growing with our music and also play some major festivals where we can express ourselves to the people who attend.

If you could choose one word or phrase to represent your theme for the new year, what would it be, and why does it resonate with you?

“When it’s tough, don’t give up”. This resonates with us a lot because this industry can be difficult sometimes with all of the DJs that are looking to play the same venues as us so we understand that sometimes there will be days where things don’t seem like they’re going the best but that doesn’t mean we give up and stop. We have always risen above and given everything we have to get the things we set out to do and we’re ready to keep doing that in 2024.

We thank Castor & Pollux for taking the time to talk with us and wish them every success with their projects, releases, and shows in the coming year; make sure to follow them across social media to stay up-to-date on their upcoming releases and live shows in 2024.

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