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Chilean Producer Hinvmi Unveils “Euphoria” And “I Love You I Promise”, Two Tracks With 90’s Wave Electro Sounds

Hinvmi takes us back to his old Electronic and anime world with these two great tracks

Immersed since his childhood in video games and anime of the 80s and 90s, Hinvmi wanted to transcribe in this first tune the nostalgia of the soundtracks of that era and the emotions they convey. The name “Euphoria” refers to this feeling of well-being, of relief, sometimes illusory, that the artist wanted to represent.

I also incorporate to this track a duality with its emotional counterpart, which would be sadness, the feeling of decay and frustration using whispering voices that end up being narrated through the composition 

Available on Spotify, SoundCloud and YouTube, you’ll find music with pronounced synths and snares with bass lines reminiscent of 90s techno and trance. This energetic and danceable track backed by his robotic voice was inspired by the OSTs of Shingeki No Kyojin, Kimetsu No Yaiba, anime like Mecha and games like Final Fantasy and Dance Dance Revolution.

Raised by a musician mother who performed at small underground gigs in the 80s, inspired by his uncle who played with his controller and having always been attracted by the EDM scene, music was a logical choice for Hinvmi. In high school, he joined his first band, which covered 90’s rock songs. His love of fictional worlds came from her grandmother, with whom the producer played video games on the Nintendo.

In 2012, the musician started to produce independently 90’s/2000’s rock music with his electric guitar. He soon dedicated himself to producing electronic music by transposing notes on a keyboard connected to FL Studio. The next step was a lot of research and investigation into the artistic processes of other DJ producers.

The artist now lets himself be guided by emotions to produce tracks by experimenting until he manages to transcribe what he feels.

When I play videogames and listen to music, I usually catch better ideas, then I just transfer these ideas by pressing the piano keys.

The producer’s musical production process begins when night falls and the city is quiet. He then grabs a coffee or tea and retreats to his studio where he spends most of his time listening to young artists and 90’s music, and playing online games before starting the production of his next song.

Concerning his clips, the recording artist’s universe is present, a video game and anime decor that fits extremely well with the music. We find ourselves directly transported to the 90’s era with an animated representation of a young woman. His latest video “I Love You I Promise” shows perfectly the evolution towards which the composer is turning.

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