India Jordan

India Jordan firmly making a mark in 2021 with their new EP ‘Watch Out!’

DJ and producer, India Jordan channels lockdown restlessness into a high-energy EP that explores the concept of movement after a year in lockdown.

London based DJ and producer, India Jordan, is heavily tipped as one to watch this year and for a good reason. Their sound is an all-out assault on the dance floor that collides rave, techno, breaks and video game sound designs into high impact, high octane tunes unlike any other. In a time when the world is mostly standing still, India Jordan has given us something special – joyous, playful and reflective approach to creating music and shaping their own sound.

India Jordan, Watch Out!

The whole EP exudes high-energy vibrations and makes you want to shake off last year’s steadiness and suspense. Movement is deeply embedded in every aspect of the record and is an inseparable part of India as well. Their daily routines, musical processes and approach to life are rooted in motion and flowing. Some tracks were created during train journeys, while for some the inspiration came during head-clearing bike rides around London.

With their new EP ‘Watch Out!’, India was trying to find new kinds of movement that would help them go through the past period when the passage of time felt so slow and sluggish. It is an impeccable representation of India’s euphoric and affirming sound at its most potent.

‘You Can’t Expect The Cars To Stop If You Haven’t Pressed The Button’ has the same sort of adrenal as you might have if you were indeed in a car heading towards a wall at a hundred miles an hour, while on the other side, ‘Feierabend’, which translates to ”end of the working day” in German, is an infectious feel-good track that gives you the same feeling of joy as when you end an exhausting day.

Even though the whole world is still on stand by, India Jordan gave us a glimpse of how it will all look like when we can finally to some of these tunes in a packed basement or open-air festival while music is thumping out of the speakers.

The EP was released on the 7th of May on Ninja Tune and you can buy it here.

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