Mad Robot Society Flaunts Its Versatility With Full Album: “Here Be Dragons”

“Here Be Dragons” is the debut album of Mad Robot Society, a group of robots from the far future. The amazing album includes 14 tracks, “Intro”, “Event Horizon”, “Dark Matter”, “Metal Grinder”, “Time”, “Triceratops”, “Industry of Death”, “Lunacy Street”, “Omega Centauri”, “A True Love Story”, “Break Me”, “Wildlife”, “Stun Gun” and “Here Be Dragons”

The album is a genre-bending journey exploring electro house, techno, synthwave, trap, breakbeats to even hip-hop, rock and cinematic music. The tracks are heavily influenced by old-school sounds as well as the new and modern genres of electronic dance music. The album format is inspired by the classic full-length album releases of Justice, Faithless and The Prodigy. The tracks can be experienced from the order of appearance but just as easily be enjoyed as individual songs.

“Time” is the fifth track of the album. It’s a mainstage release, blending the sounds of Big Room, Electro House and Future House, starting with a piano intro mixed with the beats of the synthesizer, creating a unique starter that opens the way for a fantastic combination of electro, deep and electro rhythm extended throughout the song.

The final track of the album honours the album name, “Here Be Dragons” a more danceable sound which follows the mainstage genre. The release counts with a unique base carried throughout with touches of synthesizer chords with an immersion of mixing future and progressive beats, reaching an amazing atmosphere that carries you inside the track.

Mad Robot Society

Mad Robot Society is an electronic dance act that would like you to believe that it only consists of the Danish producer Mikkel Bech Jensen, but that’s not true. In fact, the music comes from a group of robots from the far future where no humans are left to interfere in their shenanigans.

The music of Mad Robot Society is inspired by the best electronic dance music in the 20th and 21st centuries. The influences range from Daft Punk to The Prodigy to deadmau5 just to name a few.

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