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Moore Kismet’s Brilliant Debut Album Is Almost Here!

New Moore Kismet’s single ‘Rumor’ out now.

It’s hard to find any comparisons for talented producer and visual artist Moore Kismet. In every conceivable way – musically, philosophically, creatively, and personally – they are truly in a league of their own right now.

At the age of 15, Moore – real name Omar – had already stacked up a remarkable discography comprising an album and releases on labels like Never Say Die, Bassrush, and Disciple. Writing music and experimenting with beats since they were just seven years old, Moore also appeared on the US DJ battle competition the Goldie Awards and was working on an animated TV series called Stargazers.

Originally supposed to come out last year, the album was pushed back and their very personal EP Revenge of the Unicorns was released in the meantime.

Revenge Of The Unicorns was a six-track chronological story of Moore’s turbulent life over the last few years; understanding who they are, what they want to be and what they have to do to make that happen: From coming out to their parents to the pain and anger felt at the abuse they had to experience online for being nonbinary to the freedom and fulfilment of achieving their goals and maintaining the self-confidence that was necessary to survive in 2020.

The EP included short sonic snippets of themselves with their friends and collaboration with their own mother, the EP is unlike anything Never Say Die have released before; a full narrative that’s subversive, melodic and delicate yet still gut-kickingly hard when it needs to be.

Moore Kismet

But now the long wait is finally over! Moore Kismet’s debut album is on the way. They released their first single “Rumor” featuring WYN on February 12th.

Moore Kismet said of the single,” ‘Rumor’ is a song that I started when I was 14, around the first time I publicly came out as an LGBTQ+ individual. I was receiving a lot of hatred and unkindness from people who I didn’t even know saying that I shouldn’t exist, that I should repent, that I was using my sexuality and gender identity for clout, and other horrible things.

To make matters worse, when I tried coming out to my dad, he decided to give me a near 2 hour-long lecture about the “perks” of being straight and why being gay and trans is wrong. It ruptured our relationship in an irreparable way, but that feeling I had after that call and the feeling that I had from the comments I’d received is what inspired the song.

When I hit up Madeleine (WYN), the lyrics and melodies that we wrote together brought a whole new meaning to the song. I’m so proud of what we’ve written together and the story that this song tells. I hope that anyone who listens to “Rumor” can find the strength within them to push past the hatred, the struggles, and the hardships. It gets better. It always will.”

Understanding Moore Kismet’s story, you understand just how quickly they’ve had to grow up and fight for themselves in such a straight white male-dominated industry. There are no parallels because very few non-binary artists have felt particularly welcome in this scene…. But Moore is setting such a strong example, things have to change. And they are changing.

After listening to their previous work and the new single, one thing is certain, this project is going to be something you will listen to throughout this year and beyond.

Check out their single “Rumor” feat WYN below:

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