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Mysterious Ben Shawaer Shares Plans For 2024

As we get ready to enter the new year, we’re taking the chance to look at what 2024 might bring for fans of Electronic Music; as the past year no doubt kept the standard high, bringing stellar-quality talents to the forefront, we’re expecting the next year to be just as memorable. One of the artists sure to keep bringing a refreshing quality to the genre is the ever-enigmatic Ben Shawaer; distinct in his unique originality, the producer remains one the most mysterious figures on the scene today. So, as we look forward to the next 12 months, we’re thrilled to be joined by Ben Shawaer’s manager, diving into his upcoming plans as we gain an insight into Ben’s intentions for 2024.

What’s one personal goal he has set for himself in the upcoming year, and what steps has he taken to achieve it?

For the coming year, his goal is to succeed in music and to be able to make a living from it in a classical way at first. I say at first because he is also working on a development plan for his universe and there are a lot of things to come! This doesn’t just concern the music itself, but it is the starting point of the whole story.

To help him achieve this first objective, he plans to stop his current job by the end of June 2024. Indeed, he has a job that takes up a lot of his time and he is trying to do both, but it is complicated and he feels that the climb to success will be very slow and difficult given these conditions. He often works 80-hour weeks with more than half of the time dedicated to his non-musical work. So far, no burnout but it’s not healthy.

Apart from dedicating his time to music, he plans to release new music. He remains focused on the production of his next releases because he really wants it to work. He will therefore refine everything as much as possible and of course, organize the release so that many people are aware.

Otherwise, he will also work on the live show. He recently bought new equipment to practice performing live again.

If we can summarize the different things:

– Dedicate 100% of his time to music
– Release new songs of even better quality
– Work on the communication strategy around his releases
– Work to start performing live shows.

Can you share an achievement or accomplishment from the past year that he’s most proud of and why?

This year, 2023, has been rich in learning in terms of musical production. He is very happy with the result, especially his tracks ‘Dancing’ and ‘Undefeated’. The quality of these tracks shows that his expertise is improving and that he is able to produce in many different styles.

What’s a new skill or hobby he’s planning to explore in the new year, and what motivated him to pursue it?

As said above, at some point he will have to return to the stage. He therefore plans to work on it after his next releases. What motivates him is that this will allow him to better promote himself and also reconnect with the public.

What’s the most exciting project or initiative he has on his radar for the upcoming year, and what impact does he hope it will have?

He plans to remake his website! He is keen to introduce people to his world but also to show how we make music for everyone. He would also like to highlight the amount of work that music production requires, he will therefore put projects online where we can see all the existing versions of a track and the time spent making them before the music is released on streaming platforms. Furthermore, there will be the presence of intelligent chatbots which will answer questions about him and also on the conception of his music. He also plans to integrate something more interactive onto the site, but that will be for the future!

Reflecting on the past year, what’s one lesson he’s learned that he intends to carry with him into the new year?

It is often said that it is better not to release music if you are not fully satisfied with the result. It is better to wait and finish it or move on to another one. Well, the lesson learned is in the same spirit. You must know how to quickly qualify the potential of a track so as not to waste time if, in the end, you won’t want to release it. To do that, you have to make people around you listen to your songs- it’s very important. Have people listen and observe their reactions. This will help you know if a track can work or not. Nothing is certain but it is already a good indicator. For example, the first time Ben Shawaer played the music “Dancing” to someone, the person said, “Did you make that?”. A reaction that is all the more revealing when the person knows that you make music and just before you tell them that it was one of your tracks!

Ben Shawaer

How does he plan to strike a better work-life balance in the upcoming year to improve his overall well-being?

I think stopping work that isn’t related to music will be a big help on this subject. The scale is currently not balanced at all! Doing music 100% of the time will be more consistent for him.

Can you share his top three New Year’s resolutions? Please explain why they are important to him

He didn’t mention any resolution he was going to make for next year. On the other hand, I can tell you that for some time now he has decided to pay more attention to himself. He has had serious health problems in the past. His resolution should therefore be to eat healthier and stop eating like a student!

Can you name a book, movie, or experience from the past year that had a significant impact on him, and why?

The last Indiana Jones! Ben Shawaer is a big fan. He went to see it and felt a bit nostalgic. He said it’s almost as good as the first ones… almost! More seriously, I think this year he saw the film “Whiplash”. I think the story of this film and the moral that comes out of it resonates with many artists and ultimately anyone who wants to excel in their field.

In what ways does he hope to grow and develop personally and professionally in the next 12 months?

Music-related experiences are those that should make him grow personally and professionally. I immediately see 4 ways:

– Public feedback on his next releases
– Collaborations with other artists
– The encounters he will make during his adventure in the world of music
– The return of live shows

Regarding collaborations, Ben Shawaer is musically very open and has the desire to work on tracks of different styles ranging from House/Dance to Pop or Rap. If you are curious and interested in a project of this type, do not hesitate to send him a message on Instagram to discuss it.

If he could choose one word or phrase to represent his theme for the new year, what would it be, and why does it resonate with him?

I was going to say “Just do it” but what would be more appropriate would be “Just dare it”, which is the title of an upcoming E.P! The symbolism is entirely in line with the questions he asks himself about whether to throw himself completely into music or not. You have to dare and trust yourself to maximize your chances of success and be able to make a living from your art.

Although remaining somewhat a mystery to his fans, Ben Shawaer is surely set to continue building momentum, striking back as a unique and powerful force on the Electronic Music scene. As 2024 promises more exciting moments for the talented producer, we’re looking forward to watching Ben Shawaer as he continues on his captivating musical journey.

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