ProjectP Launches New Electronic Music Single: “Rumour Down”

ProjectP presents his new single “Rumour Down” in collaboration with Plasmababy and Louis Anastas.

“Rumour Down” ProjectP’s latest single, in collaboration with lyrics from Plasmababy and the captivating voice of Louis Anastas, is an experimental track with atmospheric strings, sparkly synths and guitars.

In this track, he takes a looped groove and generously fills the high and mid frequencies with the mix of the guitar and electronic sounds setting the whole track beat. All of this is accompanied by the strong Louis Anastas voice, giving the track a touch of uncertainty and confidence at the same time.

The artist is an up-and-coming EDM DJ located in Stanford, England, who started producing instrumental music in 2008. Later on, he teamed up with the lyricist, Plasmababy. Together they have launched many tracks like “Tonight feat. Hoozi” or the single “Pedal“.

Plasmababy is a lyricist from Fremantle, Western Australia. In his own words “I work to connect people to ideas and emotions”. This lyricist goes deep into many music genres but his style pivots between Indie, Rock, Pop, EDM and Metal. He has worked with a lot of worldwide artists like Sun Trippers from Australia, Gary Cubberley & Chris Porter and SA-KE to name a few.

We would also recommend checking out ProjectP’s other well-received music on Spotify like “Easy Come Easy Go” with Maria João Branco singing, “Happy” or “Hope” and some EP’s like “Streams” with Bri Macana’s voice.


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