Themis Georgoudis

Q&A: Get To Know Greek DJ & Producer Themis Georgoudis

Themis Georgoudis stands out as an up-and-coming music producer and DJ. Originating from Greece and having immersed himself in the vibrant cultures of cities across Greece and Europe, he harnesses inspiration from a rich tapestry of diverse environments.

In November 2020, Themis made a notable mark on the music landscape with the release of ‘Sub Sessions Vol.3‘ on Upfilter Records, a pivotal moment that catapulted him to prominence. Building on this success, his debut album ‘Phases‘ in March 2021 served as a powerful testament to his artistic prowess, further cementing his influential presence in the dynamic realm of electronic music.

We chatted with Themis Georgoudis about his career, inspirations and future plans.

Please tell our readers who you are and what you do. Introduce yourself to those who do not know you yet.

Greetings, I’m Themis Georgoudis, a music producer and DJ hailing from Greece. My musical journey encompasses the diverse realm of Melodic Underground, featuring a range from Deep, Tech Progressive, Melodic House, and Melodic Techno to Organic and Techno sounds.

How would you describe your influences and how have they changed over the years? Did you change your taste over time?

Initially rooted in Deep and Progressive House, my recent exploration into Techno has been a profound source of inspiration. Aesthetic resonance is crucial for me; a track must possess a certain allure to earn a spot on my playlist. I aim to avoid conforming to the familiar tunes the crowd expects.

What is the music scene in Greece like? Has it influenced you in any way?

Currently, the Greek music scene leans heavily towards Trap and local radio hits, with Afro-House dominating the electronic music landscape. It’s not uncommon for me to attend multiple venues in a day only to find DJs playing the same tracks.

Tell us about one of your most memorable DJ sets.

A highlight in my career was a 3-hour warm-up for Oliver Huntemann. The thrill of setting the right energy before Oliver took over, and the positive feedback received post-event, particularly regarding some unreleased tracks in my set, underscored the significance of a warm-up set in setting the tone for a memorable party experience.

What is your favourite production tool/plugin/feature at the moment?

Currently, my production endeavours are fueled by the Novation Bass Station 2, a remarkable mono synth specializing in crafting evocative Bass and Lead sounds. Its unique sonic character has become integral to my musical identity. Despite the myriad plugins available, I adopt a somewhat minimalist approach, favouring stock plugins for their compatibility with other producers’ projects, a practical choice reflecting my efficiency-driven workflow.

What are currently your main challenges as a DJ? What is it about DJing, compared to, say, producing your own music, that makes it interesting for you?

Being a DJ/Artist, the primary challenge lies in striking a delicate balance between staying true to my originality and meeting the expectations of the crowd. Crafting a musical journey that resonates with both my artistic vision and the audience’s desires is a constant exploration. Being both a DJ and a producer is inherently interconnected; each role nourishes the other. In my perspective, engaging in both facets is essential for holistic evolution within this field. The synergy between DJing and producing not only enhances technical skills but also enriches artistic expression, creating a dynamic and comprehensive foundation for growth in the music industry.

What makes you decide to play a particular record during one of your sets? Is there a criteria other than pure subjectivity, for selecting what to play at a gig?

When selecting tracks for a set, meticulous consideration is given to the venue, time, and the demographic makeup of the audience. While I often prepare a set with a predetermined flow, I embrace spontaneity, deviating from the plan based on the energy I receive from the crowd. 

Themis Georgoudis

How would you describe your own development as an artist and the transition towards your own sound?

My journey as an artist began with tentative steps into playing the guitar and attempting vocals at the tender age of 10. By the age of 14, I delved into the realms of music production and DJing, initially finding my groove in Deep House and soon after in Progressive. The allure of atmospheric sounds and the incorporation of pad elements have remained consistent features in my evolving productions. The quest for an artist’s sound is a dynamic, ever-changing process shaped by personal experiences, and I believe this continual growth is integral to artistic expression. 

What are your favourite releases that you have produced recently?

Among my recent releases, ‘This Moment Is Your Life,’ presented under Movement Recordings, holds a special place in my heart. The positive reactions from the crowd affirm the impactful role of its vocals, and I’m particularly grateful for the support it has garnered from Fly 104, a premier radio station in Greece. It’s not merely a track; it’s a musical journey that resonates with listeners.

Any plans or goals in 2024 that you would like to give the audience a sneak peek of?

As I gaze into 2024, my aspirations extend towards broadening my audience reach. The imminent release of my third album, ‘Metamorphosis‘ fuels the anticipation of connecting with music enthusiasts on a deeper level. Encouraging comments about the quality of my music serves as a motivating force, propelling me to explore new frontiers.

In the coming year, I am not only eager to collaborate with esteemed record labels, renowned for their diverse and expansive audiences but also to foster meaningful connections with emerging talents — the new producers who are shaping the evolving landscape of our musical realm. This collaborative spirit is poised to create a tapestry of sound that resonates widely and introduces my unique sonic experiences to a broader audience. The journey ahead holds the promise of mutual growth, where established labels and burgeoning producers converge to redefine the boundaries of musical expression.

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