Simulated Youth

Simulated Youth latest release “NBT” Inspired By Retro-Digital Aesthetic

“Excited to be releasing my third single, this time with lovely vocals by the singer Camoragi!” – Simulated Youth

Based in Phoenix, AZ, creates retro & futuristic dance music with a dark twist. To drive their thought-provoking song themes, you’ll hear some chaotic breaks, ethereal drops, and clever arrangements.

Simulated Youth’s goal is always to balance the emotion of the track between bright and dark parts, ultimately providing a fun and original sound that invokes deep thoughts as listeners dance away.

His main influences are Alice Glass (prev. Crystal Castles), Catnapp, Bjork, The Knife, Aphex Twin, Die Antwoord, who inspires them every day to produce music.

“NBT” is Simulated Youth newest single, scheduled for March 5th release. The 3 letters stand for “Nice Bass Track,” and the lyrics are about the song itself being in love with the artist, yet to the artist, the song is just their nice bass track.

This EP is largely motivated by a cyberpunk or retro-digital aesthetic, definitely a darkwave foundation. This is meant to take a mirrored perspective of the common obsession various artists have with their own work.

The instrumentals and samples were recorded by Zach in Phoenix, AZ (USA). And Vocals were provided by the singer Camoragi remotely from San Salvador (El Salvador) and then mixed/mastered back in Phoenix.

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"Magical moments start with music"