Subha “Rainstorm”, a Progressive Track With a Music Video Paying Homage To Studio Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki Films

Subha has released a new track with a progressive vibe called “Rainstorm” inspired by the dry weather of last summer.

Inspired by the arid weather of the Texas summer, Subha wanted to create a track where people could visualise rain and thunderstorms. Through this dry and surprisingly hot weather, the artist had the idea to represent a feeling of the impending storm via the bass riff.

“Rainstorm” is a progressive electronic track with a constant pulsating bass riff that allows the listener to imagine rain clouds echoing with the rumbling storm, all in a steady rhythmic pattern. The Track aims to release a sense of euphoria, joy and anticipation in the image of clouds and rain.

I chose to name the song “Rainstorm” to give the listener something to visualize and meditate upon.  

Subha is a DJ Producer who started producing music in 1997, he first started by playing and writing music on the Arranger keyboard in the New Age genre. It was only at the end of 2016 that the artist decided to move to DAW software and started producing Progressive House Chill music.

The structure of his music is generally based on pronounced beats accompanied by synth arpeggiators and is mostly designed in such a way that the listener feels a certain mood and perceives an overall musical experience.

By letting his imagination guide him when he composes his music, Subha lets himself be transported and pursues his musical exploration without necessarily knowing in which direction he is going. His improvisation allows him to explore unknown paths and offers us this impressive Progressive House and Chill Ambient musical rendering. It is through his boundless inspiration driven by the sounds and vibrations of his idols such as the British Trance band Above&Beyond or the label Anjunabeats / Anjunadeep, that the artist manages to enter a deep exploration of his musical creativity.

As for the continuation of his projects, the artist wishes to continue to transmit his universe to his listeners.

I’m working on a music video for a song that has already been released called 0017, which is a tribute to the James Bond 007 films. I’m also working on a track I’ve called Retraktor which is a tribute to the film Tron: Legacy (2010), the music for this science fiction film was composed by Daft Punk.

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