The 21-Year-Old Producer Agdem Teases The Release Of A New Deep Ambient Track Called “I Feel The Love”

I Feel The Love” by Agdem is a deep electronic track with a chill vibe and a rhythm of around 100 BPM.

With a pronounced synthesizer and smooth vocals, the music transports the listener into the artist’s world. Melodic chords and snares followed by classic deep house bass notes.

Meanwhile, check out his latest release “Gud Jam” on SoundCloud, which has a more energetic and danceable atmosphere:

Agdem is a 21-year-old music producer from Stockholm, Sweden. His knowledge of the digital audio workstation FL Studio was acquired over the past year, with YouTube as his main ally. The young composer started composing music for friends and published his music on YouTube and SoundCloud only a month after practising.

The musician has always listened to different styles of music, which makes him a versatile man with a wide and varied musical culture. Even as a child, he used to listen to the radio, although the desire to produce music only came to him recently.

The music maker considers himself an ordinary guy whose daily routine is to work from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. However, recently his goal has been to focus exclusively on music production, and he dedicates all his free time to it. Even when he is not behind his computer at home, he is usually brimming with ideas for music projects, that he can realize later on.

Agdem’s approach is to explore as many musical genres as possible in order to produce music that is different and of the highest quality, taking the best points from each. According to the producer, producing and listening to the same style of music can get annoying.

“If I stick to listening and producing one style, one genre I get bored, so I always try to dive in different genres, instruments, rhythms, and melodies”

At the moment, the music producer is inspired by artists such as Diplo, Hans Zimmer, Swedish House Mafia, Michael Jackson, Tame Impala, Lorn, Avicii, Daft Punk, Pharrell, The Weeknd or Kanye West. Nevertheless, his inspiration comes mainly from the songs of these artists instead of the artists themselves.

Agdem’s only experience in the music scene before he became a part of it was listening to a lot of different songs. He never played an instrument or studied the music industry. One thing he has discovered, however, is that he has a newfound love for music and feels a kind of excitement and adrenaline when he creates something that he loves. The musician challenge himself to produce one sound a week to keep that excitement and energy.

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