THE_PATTERN Hundreds of Drum Samples and Drum Patterns By Phil Speiser

Over the last 15 years of record production, DJ and Producer Phil Speiser also known as Dirty Disco Youth or one of the members of the band Scooter, consistently sought tools that not only sparked inspiration but also reduced the obstacles between his creative ideas and the final product. Encountering frustration when a vision for a record failed to materialize in the desired sound, the idea sparked to bridge the gap between imagination and realization.

I threw myself into creating the most amazing music software and experiences around them.

Phil Speiser
Phil Speiser


Numerous rhythm patterns have been crafted for kicks, snares, hats, and percussion to be seamlessly paired with a click. Through the utilization of THE_SEQUENCER, one can effortlessly modify existing patterns or craft entirely new ones. Additionally, an array of meticulously curated full kits is available, serving as ideal foundations for creative endeavours.


Too often I found myself tweaking for hours until I finally had to admit that the the samples I used were just not good enough. Each single sample I make for THE_PATTERN needs to be of the highest quality. I know.. release ready sounds feels like a stupid marketing claim… but there’s not a single sound included, I wouldn’t use in any of my productions. THE_PATTERN comes with hundreds of samples for all popular genres and will get free instant sound, kits and pattern updates all the time to always stay ahead of the game.

THE_PATTERN works with all music software that can host VST3, VST2, AAX or AU plugins. This includes Ableton Live, ProTools, FL Studio, Logic, Garage Band, Cubase Reaper and many more. Both Windows and Mac systems are supported. The plugin has M1 (native Apple Silicon ARM CPU) support.

Utilizing artificial intelligence, you can leverage cutting-edge technology to optimize workflows and facilitate learning processes, thereby simplifying the journey of transforming creative concepts into tangible reality. Through the integration of AI, the intricacies of various tasks are streamlined, offering unprecedented efficiency and effectiveness. This innovative approach not only expedites the realization of ideas but also enhances the overall experience, making it more accessible and user-friendly for individuals seeking to bring their visions to fruition from beginners to stalwarts.

Discover THE_PATTERN and other production and mixing plugins on Phil’s website:

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