Android Seventeen Offers us His Newest Release: “I know? / Drugs…”

The DJ & Producer Android Seventeen presents a new bass-heavy track “I know? / Drugs…” talking about the world of drugs from a new and unique perspective, showing us yet again, his talent.

The single has been launched this month and as the artist describes, the track is not about drug use or drug abuse, it’s just a little idea of where it sounds like a lecture about drugs which turns into a rock/rave type of vibe or more commonly the Land of Drugs.

“I know? / Drugs…” isn’t a danceable track, but the rhythm of the release is introduced in the body creating a signature tune between the song and the emotional state, reaching, in this way, an electronic atmosphere that involves the senses to submit them to the rhythm.

Android Seventeen’s release is composed of a mix of the electronic synthesizer and a robotic vocal that introduces the topic of the song. Musically speaking, the track is a fusion of Mid Tempo and Dubstep with a powerful synthesizer and melodic components.

Android Seventeen

Android Seventeen started his music production career in 2018 by producing Trap beats by 2020 he was producing EDM tracks and by 2021, he switched to Mid-Tempo and Dubstep because “there is just something about being at a festival and watching those sets live, and just being around the people” that made him fall in love with the scene.

Android Seventeen, known as “Cody Webb”, was born in Jamaica, and currently resides in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

He draws his creativity from his love for every genre of music throughout history.

This isn’t the first launch of Android Seventeen, in March of this year, the producer launched “Chapter 1: Goodbye, Past” an EP composed of 10 tracks. You can check out the full EP here.

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